Skyver Redblade Ler

Captain Redblade


Name: Skyver Redblade Ler

Age: 24

Height: 5’3"

Weight: 168 lbs

Race: Vulpine

Rank: Captain(Promoted from scout)

Personality: Skyver can be rather bold and vocal at times, though she is always second guessing herself, she is driven, and strong, she often works hard at any work given to her but the problem is it has to be given too her, or for her to be directed, she is starting to branch out on her own with now recently becoming a Captain, and trying to live up to the honor she places on that rank. She is smart when it comes to thinking outside of the box, and will take a stand if need be, she is trying to push that fighting spirit of hers into a commanding position so she can gain the respect of the other knights, She is very kind and understand, but has ptsd from the war, and fears mages above all, fearing that their power will corrupt them.


Weapons: Fa’Huten- Curved Scimitar, embedded with Runes, which enchant it with a return order to it’s holder, it is unbreakable.
Ra’Xion- Gladius, embedded with runes, unbreakable, can return to owner upon order, can fire a single beam of magic that is colored red.
Assorted daggers.

Armor: Her combat gear is mostly leather and cloth, she typically wears a leather vest under her free flowing top, that generally has puffy arms, and is more lose on the arms and tight on the body. She wears tight short shorts that hug her body and allow her full movement, she wears long socks with knee pads built into them to defend her, with shin high leather boots, she has a scarf generally, and finger less special gloves, called Cancelers, when she snaps her fingers it turns off the magic within a 10 foot burst for a few second, but the full power of the magic in that area back fires on her.

Gear: Canceler gloves- when the wearer snaps their fingers it shuts down all magic in a 10 radius burst for a few seconds, before it turns back all all the magic shut down back fires injuring the wearer.
Steven- A bone wraith that guards Skyver magical bag.
Bottomless bag – A bag that seemingly has not limit to what it can hold(It does have a limit)

In Combat: Skyver is a stealth expert and she moves fast, she uses her natural senses from being a fox, her heightened sense of smell and hearing to move around enemies, and sneak around, she tends to prefer to work from behind the scenes, and hit then enemy from behind she loves to flank, if stealth is not an option she likes to go full assault utilizing those under her command for their best positions, Skyver likes to think outside of the box. She uses her speed, and pure power to hit foes fast and hard.

Out of Combat: Skyver typically can be found working out, in some form, she likes to jog, or run, after that she is building something, with her bare paws, she then runs and orphanage, she is always working on her house which is a massive tree house out in the courtyard. She often cooks for the knights, and is learning to read and write still. She typically is seen wearing long socks, or nothing on her feet at all, she likes wearing shorts, and dresses, or stretch tank top.

Relationships: Moira Redblade Ler: Wife, closest friend.
Rowan Redblade: Sister, confides in, fears her wrath.
Jesiax Redblade: Sister, idolizes, used to have a crush on, see’s her as a goal to strive for.
Nikara Ereatha: Adoptive Mother, commander, see’s as the leader she should be, respects her.
Drake Adder: See’s as an older brother, both fought in war together, looks up to him.
Alecia Evergreen: Had a crush on her during the war, see’s her as a close friend, secretly wants to fight her to test skills.
Mercer Evergreen: See’s as a level headed member of the knights, appreciates his calm, fears his magic.
Thalassa Kalista: Wishes to be closer to her, is afraid she hates her.
Lillith Evergreen: Loves her like a little sister, picks on her, relies on her healing talent and expects her to go far.

Kinks: Skyver is a submissive person over all, she always has been always will be with her huge ammount of self doubt, she just feels more comfortable when someone takes control.


Doll and clothes made by :IconNevermorefox:

Sword made by :IconDrale251:


Skyver Redblade Ler

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