Mercer "EverGreen"



Mercer is an active young man, keeping up with his training, and always either trying to improve himself. From swordsmanship, to magical practice, he continues the ways his master taught him many years ago. Very protective of those he cares about, he always tries his best to keep them safe from harm, though sometimes knows to take the harder routes to do so.

As a Mage-Knight, Mercer fights well from either long-range, or close quarters combat. Having used illusion magic in combination with his swords, he is an expert duelist. Though, he is not limited to just swords, as he has skill with many kinds of weapons, from staves, to war-hammers, though prefers the sword in most cases.

His magic ranges from fire elements, to illusion, to enchantments. He can even create a metal to coat his arms and legs with a use of fire and earth magic, though takes more out of him than normal. Always wanting to increase his knowledge of magic, he tries to learn more spells, or even create some, to improve his combat effectiveness.

Currently, his is under the influence of a curse, known as the Mark of the Guardian. Created by Fae to create guards and soldiers from ordinary humans, it gives him a powerful boost in magic, strength, and stamina. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of his mind, slowly being driven down to first base anger, to unrelenting loyalty to the Fae that placed the mark. With the help of Thalassa, he is trying to contain it, and perhaps can even control it with more help from others.

Likes : Thalassa, curry, books of magic, quiet times, duels, ale, green apples, pink cider

Dislikes : Pranks, fruit salads, bandits


Mercer has had a tortured past. At a young age, he lost his family to a bandit raid. Everything had been taken from him, and he was brought in by the bandit for displaying magical abilities. For several years, he was a bandit, though that life just didn’t suit him. He would try to escape many times, or attempt to kill the leader of the bandits who had taken everything from him.

After 8 years, Mercer would get his chance at escape, when he had sent a letter to a local lord about the whereabouts of the camp. During the attack by knights, Mercer was able to sneak through the carnage and leave that life behind. It would be not long that he would learn that the man who had kept him at that camp for so long, Viscorous, was alive. And worse, the man had begun rebuilding a power base in the area.

Mercer would try to run from his past, going from town to town, traveling to many places. He would pick up an odd job or two to get by, until after an event that changed his life. He lost memory of such an event, one he caused himself. After traveling for so long, he would learn of the knights order that he joins, and hopes to somehow atone, or let go of, his past.

Lillith – Twin Sister, a practiced healer and mage
Alecia – Head of the Evergreen noble house, and adopted Mercer into it
Ann – Mother, and powerful mage. Recently revealed to be alive
Travon – Father, and carpenter. Deceased
Lillian – Aunt, and powerful mage. A Black Knight (another name for Guardian)

Mercer "EverGreen"

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