Josephine Astra

Librarian of the Elements


Various Elemental spells


Name: Josephine Astra

Race: Luminari

Class: Librarian/Magistrix

Age: 25

Height: 5’11"

Weapons: None to speak of at present.

Magic: She is an elementalist who works in most magic types except for blood magic.

Personality: Though she is normally quiet when doing her work of attending to the library. Outside of her job as the Keeps librarian, she can be a little rambunctious, working to have fun with those she considers friends. She may not talk or join into a conversation initially but she will make attempts and can keep a conversation when needed. She has an explorative mind hoping to understand and learn as much as possible. She is not the most physically fit but she does work to maintain her body.

Hobbies: Being around literature so much she tends to write in her spare time, she will practice new spells, and she dabbles in alchemy when she can. She likes to experiment.

History: Josephine is born as a child of a Blue and Yellow Lumenari. At a young age she showed a high intelligence and an exceptionally sharp and explorative mind. Her parents did their best to make her happy, helping her learn as much as she wanted to, even though she was a secondari. She learned at a prestigious school and showed a strong aptitude for magic. Oddly enough, even though she went to a number of higher class schools, she remained humble, not really worried about social status. When she was old enough she would begin to travel around Veritas hoping to learn as much as she could.

Most recently she was on a trip to a new place of learning for her, but en-route to her latest location of learning in the Veritisian mountains, she was captured by slavers and taken to an island where slaving was the main staple. She went through a number of… unpleasant ways to train her to be a slave and was branded. She had been sold, but the day after she had been sold, chaos ensued on the island. Some of the knights of Heart’s company had snuck onto the island to rescue some of their stolen compatriots. The knights began an attack to finally save their compatriots causing the chaos on the island. During this chaos, a barrier that was suppressing magic on the island fell and a number of monstrous creatures charged through the island town’s defenses. As soon as the creature’s arrived, Josephine’s master took off her collar so that Josephine could defend them. Josephine used her magic to defend her self and her master was soon killed by the beasts. The knights charged through the town to the island’s docks, killing a number of slavers, monsters, and saving a number of slaves. Josephine joined with the slaves that had followed the knights to the dock. The knights had secured another ship for the slaves to take back to the mainland, while they had the one they arrived with. Both ships sailed away and as it did, Josephine watched as the island burned, it slowly disappearing over the horizon.

When the ship made it back to the mainland, Josephine was dropped off at a nearby port town, but she was unsure where to go. She had been missing for so long that she would be presumed dead, and she would have no place to return to in Veritas, knowing that her position may have already been filled. She asks around the town if they knew anyone who could help her and the people of the town told her about Hearts knights and pointed her in the direction of the city where Heart Keep resided. She leaves the town a few days later and after a day, arrives in the city where Heart Keep was. She goes to the knights and explains her situation and what she can do, the knights give her a home. The knights welcome her with open and caring arms, having seen some of what she went through on the island.

Relations: (Coming soon)

Quirks: None to name right now.

Josephine Astra

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