Drake Adder



Main Weapon: The bastard-sword, StormCaller

Battle Skills: Drake is quite efficient with a number of different weapons. But, the weapon he favors is his broadsword, Stormcaller, that he forged back in his village. He continued to work on his strength and speed so that he could fight continuously and efficiently with his blade.
Buzzsaw: Drake jump high into the air, begins to spin, and extends Stormcaller. When this happens he looks like a buzzsaw as he descends.
Fire Breath: Through unknown means, Drake and any member of his family can breathe fire.
Fire Storm: After Drake says a quick chant, Stormcaller becomes wreathed in flame.
Meteor Slam: Increases his downward momentum and body’s endurance, causing him to fall and impact the earth like a small meteor.
Slash of Wrath: In battle when Drake becomes highly enraged, he can channel this rage through Stormcaller, making the runes on the blade glow like a blazing fire, and the next slash releases a superheated, explosive blast.
Speed Lunge: With Drake’s speed and strength, he can make a large lunge with Stormcaller, skewering anything in the path of the attack.


Body Runes: The runes are placed on the body by branding them onto the slayers body with an enchanted brand that has replaceable rune heads. Once the burns have healed the burns are painted over with a specialized ink. Depending on the runes, they can give the slayer who has them specific enhancement to their bodies. These runes power themselves from a source unknown (still up for debate) some believe they are powered by mana absorbed from creatures that the slayer kills. The slayer can supply some of their own mana to the runes to get a greater effect out of them. These runes do come with a side-effect, sometimes the body will try to reject the runes because to the body they are foreign to the body. This rejection by the body can cause any number of physical issues for the slayer, a sign of the side-effect coming is that the runes will start to burn and ache. For Drake, the rejection causes him to become feverish, cough up blood, and have random bouts of fire breath. The rejection normally only last a few days. But the side-effect can be lessened or negated by a special medicine the slayers know how to make. The medicine can either be rubbed onto the runes or drank.


Name: Drake Adder

Age: 22

Height: 6’ 3’’

Race: Shade

Appearance: He has dark brown hair (which he normally has flattened on the top with a sort of “wave” in the front), hazel colored eyes, has lightly tanned skin, and has a well-toned, muscular body. But is not very bulky and can be quite agile. On his back he has a tattoo in the shape of a flame behind a white mountain with a small yellow star in the middle of the mountain (which was the emblem of his clan). He also has runes on his arms starting at the shoulder and going to his elbow (these runes stand for endurance, strength, and speed, thus they increase his body’s endurance, strength, and speed). Drake has trained his body to have a better constitution to deal with the shade’s naturally weak constitution. Drake’s body has a few bony, chitinous protrusions over his body but the most prominent are the horns that adorn his head. He also has some scars on his body that he acquired while training when he was younger. But the newest one, near his sternum like protrusion was from when he was run through with a blade.

Personality: Drake is a knight that likes to have fun but will be sure that it gets cleaned up afterwards. He can be quite light-hearted when with his other knights, as he thinks of them as part of his family. But when it comes to battle he can be quite serious and tries to look after everyone he can. He is much more of an extrovert than an introvert in most aspects. Drake was not sure about becoming a captain, but he cares for those who follow him and he has proven to be a capable leader. He has a decent sense of humor, trying to find the bright or funny side to as many things as he can. Drake always fears losing those that are close to him (i.e. any of his friends/family in the 101 knights). He can take most of what comes at him in stride, thus he is not annoyed easily. Drake is pretty open with the rest of the company, but he is seldom known to talk about his home village or why he left it. When he is constantly being pestered about him first home, this is when he gets annoyed. What it takes for Drake to consider someone a friend is if they hold no ill will for Heart and the 101st. What Drake is, is an honorable and caring person who only want friends and family that won’t leave him or that he would lose.

History: Drake hails from Slejorn (slay-orn), a mountain town. Slejorn could be found in the mountain ranges of Veritas, within a hidden vale, protected by ancient magic placed there by those who originally made the town. The town of Slejorn itself was self-sufficient, having dealings with only a few traders to acquire minerals and ore in exchange for food stuffs and medicinal herbs. The reason that this village stayed secluded was because it held a secret. The secret of this village is that every member of it is taught to hunt and kill dragons. Drake knew everyone in Slejorn and all of his family (that he knew of) lived in Slejorn, including his parents, younger sister, and extended family. Like the other warriors in his hometown, Drake was trained to fight dragons from the time he was old enough to hold a sword to when he was 17 years old. Those of the village are also taught to smith, forge, and enchant weaponry, and when a warrior comes of age, they are to have their own weapons and armor made and enchanted and gain their body runes (look to the Other section) for their first dragon hunt. Drake’s first hunt was successful, and so was his sister’s. But not long after, his village was attacked by the largest dragon to ever grace Slejorn. The entire village fought this dragon, and eventually slew it, but not without a price. The next day, very few of the villagers of Slejorn had survived, though among them were Drake and his sister. The survivors, despite their success, came to the conclusion that rebuilding Slejorn wouldn’t be feasible, and decided to leave the remains of their village and disperse. Drake and his sister stayed together for a few months, but after that they too parted ways. Drake continued to hunt dragons when he could and help those he met in his travels, while his sister became a sword for hire. For the next four years, he would also become a sell-sword. Using his skills to bring in money for himself to survive. He would take a number of jobs. He has done bounty hunting, slain dragons (of course), been a bodyguard, routed bandits, and near the end became a militia-commander. A couple years after Drake and his sister had separated, rumors began to pop up about a pink-haired knight in the land of Lustra (not far from where he was currently) that fought for the innocent. These rumors piqued Drake’s interest and he sought her out, hoping to become a comrade of this knight and fight to protect the land from those who would do it harm. In the final year and a half of his search he became the Militia-Commander near Castle Heart. He finally met this pink-haired knight named “Heart” after scaring a number of thieves guild members out of the The Wizards Flagon pub, and had soon joined the ranks of her knights. He had quite a few adventures with Heart and the other knights who joined her company, quickly rising to the rank of Captain. In battle Drake can most often be found on the front-line or in the heart of the battle, believing that a leader is only worthy if they are willing to fight alongside those who fight with them.

Hobbies: Training, Drawing, Cleaning his equipment, having fun with fellow knights (hunting, going to the pub, talking shop, sharing stories, etc.).

Notable Quirks: When otherwise unoccupied he will be caught deep in thought. He is also know to cough when he is in a situation that he uncomfortable with.


Braxton: Drakes loyal and beloved hunting dog (resembles a Tibetan mastiff).
Bethany: Drakes pet hawk.
Erison Laythan Blanc (Knight-Captain, Knight #3): Drake was there when Erison joined the knights and was sure he taught Erison some sword techniques when Drake was a Militia-Commander. Drake does not underestimate Erison’s tactical mind, but feels he can sometimes miss important facts easily. He also knows about Erison’s split personality and does not mind it.
Moira Ler (Crab-Knight, Knight #5): Moira is quite fun to be around, he loves how she always want to help and also cares for her fellow knights, and he enjoys her personality. Sometimes she acts a little odd around him and he does not understand why. She is currently being taught to read and write by Drake.
Alecia Smith (Knight #36): Alecia loves to read books and has a passion for runes and has recently taken an interest in Drake’s runes, hoping to reproduce them. Drake is willing to help her with what he can. He also respects her ability to heal and her determination. Drake has is in a relationship with the sleepy cleric, although he is not sure what to do or how to handle it at times. But, he does try his best to make sure that she is alright. Drake has told Alecia that he loves her.
Jesiax Stevalia (Knight # 52): A competent and caring warrior. She is also a calm, level headed, and eloquent woman. He hopes that she is find happiness in her life in Lustra. Normally on mission she will be Drake’s second in command.
Rowan Redblade (Knight Ambassador, Knight #56): Drake enjoys Rowan’s company and their chats, even if she does seem to keep a certain distance. But nevertheless he always finds her quite fun. She is also the one who got Drake his new beloved hunting dog, Braxton (Braxton Adder).
Nikara Kalga Ereatha (Knight-Captain, Knight #57): Drake thinks that she is a good captain, if not a little stern at times. He respects how she doesn’t heal her eye as a way to remember her oath to Heart. He also finds that she is quite fun to have as a partner when hunting wild game for food.
Gliese (Knight #68): Drake enjoys and respects his connection with nature. Drake views Gliese as a competent knight who knows how to get the job done.
Tavi Leaph (Knight #74): A strong willed cleric who doesn’t take much crap from anyone, but can still keep a level head when needed. She was the one that repaired Dyne’s head after his accident and soon joined Drake’s militia as the resident doctor. She would later join the knights along with Dyne and Drake.
Dyne Namos (Knight #79): Drake knew Dyne because he would visit his smithy and tavern to chat about smithing (since Drake does know some blacksmithing secrets) or to buy some materials. He was also the one to take Dyne to a healer after his worst run-in with the thieves guild. He understands what happened to him and doesn’t discuss it with others. Drake was the one that taught Dyne how to use his shield. Drake likes how Dyne can take anything and keep going and he finds it funny how random he is, even if the cause is nowhere near funny.
Neraia Aikaterine Lysand (Knight #86): Drake enjoys when Neraia is around and is always interested in what she has to share from her travels.
Skyver Leaph (Knight #94): Drake views Skyver almost as a little sister, and he feels a little saddened when she puts herself down because she diminishes her own self worth. But he respects her determination and enjoy seeing her continuously work to improve. Drake is currently teaching her to read and write.
Carter Adder (Knight #133): Drakes younger sister and only remaining blood relative.

Others: Drake feels that every other knight in the 101st is like a family member and he cares for their safety and is always itching to learn more about them.

(relationships are hard to write)

Kinks: None to name of. On the flipside, are there any you’d like to specifically avoid? Anything involving human waste or blood play (don’t know what it is, but does not sound good at all).

Drake Adder

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