The capital city of the country of Lustra.

The Wizard’s Flagon
The T Room
Dolf’s Habachi
Matana’s Keg – Notorious dive bar known for bar fights, located halfway between docks and marketplace, known for luchadore cook, stew
(As-of-Yet-Unnamed Bakery)—exceptionally popular, but odd/inconsistent operating hours
A Bun in the Oven – Moira’s favorite bakery, the couple that own it have a new baby that is a shade

Gol’s Fine Smith – A smith shop specializing in fine enchanted weapons
Johan’s Dojo – learn to punch and stuff
Tylus’ Books and Baubles
Claris’s glass shop
Leah’s seamstress shop which I have yet to name
Fel’s Flawless Fashions
The Redblade Company store/Daniel’s Windfighting Dojo
CORVUS Boutique, a bustling spa under new management

Tam (10/10)
Fighting Entertainment Establishment planned by Lady Damiani and Lady Snelwagon
The Light Show

Other places
The docks
The Fallen Leaf – orphanage currently under construction


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