Country in the world of Endvale and home to the Knights

Capital: Paramour

Other cities
Silva – Mercer and Lillith’s home town, half burned down, though many people still live there.

Grimhelm – Now abandoned ruin

Pekoe – Town near Grimhelm

Epirus – Coastal city
-Thalassa’s hometown, Greek culture
-Home to a mage college, Akrikon Acedemy
-Exports wine, pearls, and seafood

Polk – A small fishing village

Elsinore – Tavi’s home town
-Famous for their weaponsmiths.

Karang Island – Uninhabited island
-Former home and birthplace of Squiggles, though now all that is left are ancient ruins

Sheere – Merchant town near the border of Ashton and Lustra
-Rabbits Borough Inn

Titan’s Rest – Home of House Ereatha
-Recently rebuilt fortress and manor, almost entirely made of stone, iron, and steel
-Rebuliding nearby town of Pinevale

Blackbrook – River trading town
-Bustling trade hub
-Raven’s Roost – open-minded tavern and gambling hall run by Drache Ulrich

Seafall – Former offshore Naval prison in waters that fall under the jurisdiction of Lustra, Ashton, and Shelle.


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