What it is:

Jesiax Eliza Redblade’s weapon. A naginata out of a history forgotten to all but a few, and one not viewed as true by most of those who are aware of it. Its blade (forged of adamant) has five colored gemstones embedded within it, that act as magical amplifiers, though only those with a natural magical talent can make use of them. The shaft balances the weight of the blade without being overbearingly heavy itself and is made of an extremely durable alloy that is quite hard to break, as well.

Its (Documented) History:

Kampfluch’s origins date back to the largely forgotten early days of the Lumenari and their researches into draining the power from Kampia. As such, each of its five gems was once, long ago, a Kampia. Today, no traces of the Kampia linger—only the power they once held. Any sentience was drained from them during the conversion process. Only the faintest echo might occasionally resonate from those most sensitive to that sort of thing.

On its creation, Kampfluch was ruled a failure (albeit a powerful one), as the usage of it proved unpredictable at best, or fatal at worst. As such, it was archived along with the secret histories and not put to any significant use. It would have passed into obscurity, forgotten with the histories, had it not been for a particularly ferocious band of Hive Seeds that had decimated the guards of the facility it was being kept in. Their liberation of the weapon is the last documented historical account of its time in Endvale, but even though its origins were hidden, the blade itself made it to the present day with minimal note until ultimately finding itself in the hands of Jesiax.

There are notes of retribution against the Hive Seeds in the secret histories (even though their actions were arguably a retribution themselves), but Kampfluch itself disappeared from the historical record, at least in any capacity linking it to its origins. Origins only recently made known thanks to the reprehensible actions of one Jobv Erti (now deceased) and his resumption of research on Kampias and their power.

Path to the Present (not widely known):

After its liberation from the Lumenari by the Hive Seeds (and their subsequent decimation at the hands of the Lumenari), Kampfluch was found by a traveling merchant/opportunist amongst the ruins of the Hive Seeds’ settlement some fifty years later or so. Not magically inclined himself, he nonetheless recognized its fine workmanship and assumed the gems marked it as some sort of ceremonial blade. As such, he made a tidy profit when he sold it to a scholar who did recognize its magical nature. It proved an enigma to the scholar, who could not place its origins, seeming to have nothing in common with any fallen or forgotten cultures. The scholar did manage to determine that the gems served as something akin to magic enablers, allowing those with a natural talent for magic to more easily utilize it.

It sat on display—under many wards—in the fabled museum of Dria for another seventy years or so before the ransacking and razing by pirates that left Dria a historical tragedy of destruction. The pirate captain grew enamored of Kampfluch, taking it along with many other priceless artifacts, and made it his main arm until he fell victim to more reputable forces. In that skirmish, Kampfluch fell into the ocean waters, lost once again until a fishing trawler found it a few years later. After some rather sad attempts to use it as a fishing spear, the fisherman sold it for better gear, and it went through a number of further ownership changes in the next twenty to thirty years.

Ultimately, it fell into the hands of a hermitic live-off-the-land minded Lumenari in the stages of later life. His natural magic fading with age, he ventured to civilization, took possession of Kampfluch, then returned to the wild. While Kampfluch, initially proved a boon, the old Lumenari grew sick from his his usage of it, though he attributed that to his frail body. Ultimately, he suffered a horrific magical backfire after a usage of it and died an agonizing death in a remote, isolated cave in Midvale.

Many years later, after all that remained of him was tattered fabric and bones, Alana—Midvale’s beloved ruler—found the cave and Kampfluch while on a survey of her lands. Her possession of it was short-lived, as not long thereafter, she herself met her end. Not long thereafter, Jesiax came to Endvale, in possession of Alana’s body and of Kampfluch.

After the events with Jobv Erti, Jesiax learned the name of the blade translated roughly to ‘Kampia’s Bane,’ so utilizing the same base vernacular, she renamed it Kamprache—‘Kampia’s Vengeance.’

Some Notes:

  1. Only those with some innate magical ability can utilize the gems.
  2. The effects are wildly unpredicable, powerful, and dangerous when utilized by Lumenari.
  3. Seeds have the easiest time using it, but humans are capable without ill-effects as well (as evidenced by Jesiax’s usage of it prior to her Seeding).
  4. It requires little maintenance due to its workmanship, and has lasted through the ages (nearly 400 years) without losing its luster.

Gem Breakdown:

  • Orange: Heat manipulation and fire magic (Original Kampia linked to an Ogon—a fire-breathing bearlike creature)
  • Green: Exceptional bouts/thrusts of physical force (Original Kampia linked to a Kengsla—a creature that can snap out its limbs with exceptional force to attack/defend itself)
  • Yellow: Light manipulation (Original Kampia linked to a Chorluz—a magical firefly of sorts that is luminescent and can make illusions).
  • Blue: Water manipulation (Original Kampia linked to a Toricslan, a freshwater-based serpent with a reputation for playful trickery)
  • Purple: Mental magics (Original Kampia led a Hive)


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