Current/Planned Events

Please add dates so others can plan around yours.

The Purple Wraith – (Ongoing.) A new villain seems to be giving the knights the slip.(Skyver.)

Snakes…Why’d it have to be snakes? – Mid or Late May (Pinchie)
Pack Dynamics – Late June/Early July (discardedwolf)

The Summer of Smoke and Ash – There hasn’t been a wildfire in 3 years. It doesn’t look like that pattern will hold up for this one – Sometime in July (Hex)

Mapping the North Pole (GlieseD) – Embark for uncharted lands on Captain Canopus’ air-ship! Big event, probably Late August/Early September if there’s no time during mid-late June.

Shards of Desire – When there’s time (Ask Ambi for more info (no but seriously I want to get this started and it’s a personal kind of thing))

The Eye of the Court of Secrets – (soonish) You thought that red goop was gone did you? (SupaMellun)

Althaea’s story – TBA (Tam and Pinchie)


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