Valleria Lynn Hexedria

Dammit, I’m a healer, not a [insert job here]!


Name: Valleria Lyn Hexedria
Nicknames: Vally, Val
Age: 31
Height: 5’1"
Family: Lana (mother—deceased), Cristobal (father—in exile), Lessie (4 years older sister—missing, presumed deceased)

Appearance: Valleria is a very short woman, with a slight build. Her tiny build belies some muscles, but not enough to allow her to cause significant physical damage. She stands only 5’1" but often stands out due to her outgoing personality and colorful hair and variation on the standard cleric garb. By our world’s standards, her breasts would be a small B. She has rather long, red hair that she typically keeps in a pair of pigtails, and the accents on her cleric uniform are a distinctive teal in color. Purple eyes (though she has lost one of them). At a fairly young age, she made a Seed contract with a dryad, having been desperate and close to death after a gang of cruel youths from her hometown attempted to drown her and left her for dead in a forest. Over time, the effects of the contract have grown more pronounced, leaving her permanently with the ears and tail of a red panda, and the ability to shift into the form of one, as well.

Personality: Outside of her job, Valleria is a very outgoing individual that tries to be friends with everyone. When on duty, she often tends towards the stern side, sometimes lecturing her patients, but it is motivated by her desire to keep them safe and get them back on their feet as quickly as possible. She also tends towards the practical and is not prone to wild flights of speculation or rash action. On a deeper level, she has a modicum of self-loathing stemming from her abilities and how she was raised (see history section for full details), so that can sometimes make her doubt herself and her ability to do her job. For similar reasons in her history, she is very hydrophobic, so bodies of water or rain disturb her, triggering memories of drowning. Very few know the full details of her history, as she doesn’t like to talk about it, but she does her best not to let her feelings about herself or her fears affect what she does. It takes a lot to make it onto her shit list, but if someone finds themselves there, it would take a lot to change her opinion of them. Insulting or assaulting her closest friends is a sure way to end up on her bad side. Additionally, due to the lingering effects of the Seed contract, she generally finds herself awake during the hours when most sleep, some of the nocturnal habits of red pandas bleeding through to her.

Special Skills:

  • Healing magics – Strongest with this sort of magic, it is why she is a cleric/healer first and foremost.
  • Defensive magic – Largely limited to creating magical barriers against physical assaults
  • Offensive magic – Not one she uses often, but she has picked up some small abilities with fire, lightning, or water that she can put to use if need be, though these magics drain her more than the healing and she dislikes engaging in battle.
  • Other – Through working with Jesiax and the gems in her naginata, has developed a spell to track where everyone is in a certain radius around them plus diagnose if they have any health issues. Her tail gives her an exceptional sense of balance, and her ears and exceptional sense of hearing.

History: Valleria was born and raised in the village of Elsinore, and while her early years there were pleasant enough (barring the disappearance of her older sister when she was 7), at the age of 11, things took a turn for the worse. Shortly after her 11th birthday, Valleria’s magical talents started to make themselves known. The manifestation of her powers wasn’t dramatic by any stretch (mostly causing random isolated events that couldn’t be explained through normal means), but Valleria could tell she was responsible even though she had no intention to cause any of the events. Given her village’s harsh attitude towards magic, this knowledge of herself unsettled the young Valleria—given her upbringing and the prevalent attitude of the citizens, she knew she was wrong, an aberration to how things should be. So in her child’s mind, she figured if she was wrong as she was, she needed to change, and started interacting more with the youths of the village than she had previously. She discovered her propensity to quickly make friends, and had a brief span of ever greater happiness…but then her friends noticed some of the odd events that only seemed to happen when she was around and came to the conclusion that she possessed magic. Some of the more kind-hearted ones pleaded with her to leave to save herself, but childish stubbornness took root and she refused—even having witnessed countless scenarios of the villagers executing those with magic, she felt that as part of the community, she wouldn’t be among them. She would have been wrong.

As it stood, some of her less kind-hearted friends took matters into their own hands, deceiving her into heading into the forest with them for a fun game. Once removed from the immediate vicinity, they fell upon her, tying her up, beating her, then dragging her to a river that cut through the forest and holding her head underwater until her struggles ceased and she fell limp. They left her there for dead, and she may well have done so had the current not carried her body a short ways to deposit her in the vicinity of a dryad. It used a modicum of its power to remove the water from Valleria’s lungs, leaving her breathing but still close to death, where she ultimately wished to live and for the ability to return home without notice. It was only after the words left her mouth that she realized she’d accepted a Seed contract and made her situation even worse. In the moments that followed, her wounds were healed and she underwent her first full transformation into the form of a red panda, sneaking back home and ultimately shifting back to human form once reaching her own bed again, only to find the ears and tail had not gone away.

The following morning, her parents were shocked to see her, having heard about her ‘death,’ and berated her for returning, but were still happy to see her, crying and hugging her even as they told her she shouldn’t have returned. They hid her from sight, and she could only cry in solitude when her mother was taken away and executed for having given birth to a child with magic. Later that same day, her father left to the woods and returned sporting a similar pair of ears and a tail, having attempted to bargain with the same dryad to save Valleria from her fate, but without success. He spirited her away in the night, and the two parted ways, him drawing the villager’s attention and allowing her a chance for freedom. Later, she would hear of his flight/exile from the village due to his new Seed nature, but took comfort in knowing that somewhere, he was alive.

Through the intervening years, she flitted around, being taken in by the kindness of strangers, learning spells both offensive and defensive, but really coming to her own with healing magics. Her travels ultimately placed her with a congregation of the Order of The Balance and she developed her healing skills under their tutelage, their philosophy also helping to quell the disparity she felt between what she could do and her upbringing telling her she was an abomination. Eventually, she heard about Princess Heart bringing order to Lustra and took her leave from the Order to join up and best help make the world a better place.

Subsequent to events with Jobv Erti, she has left the Knights due to the mental trauma and amnesia. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Valleria Lynn Hexedria

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