Damien "Thunder" Gnash

The slaver's shield


Profile #3: Damien Gnash AKA Thunder
Current status: Deceased Unknown
Affiliations: Slaver Island gang

Original dossier
According to knight reports from the mission, Thunder was the leader of the city and keep guards on the island. After a brief encounter their first day on land, which almost resulted in an altercation, the team stayed away from him unless necessary. Upon entry to the final auction of the week, they found themselves under his strict supervision, eventually leading to the team’s cover being blown. After a short fight with Captain Adder, Sir Dyne Namos stepped in to keep him busy while Adder helped finish the rescue mission. From Sir Namos’s report, Thunder appeared to be a formidable opponent, using two tower shields both for attack and defense. The final blow was delivered by Captain Adder, who surprised Thunder after returning from the rescue. Cause of death is confirmed as a flaming fist through his chest, which also passed through one of his shields first. The remains are assumed to be burned along with the island. Captain Adder and Sir Namos are commended for their efforts in taking down this dangerous criminal.

The criminal known as Thunder is confirmed to have been brought back to life by Alcyone Mist by the use of blood magic. She has control of his actions, and while Alcyone is not particularly violent, Thunder is deemed extremely dangerous when left to his own devices. He harbors special hate for his former killer, Drake Adder, and any knight in general. Kill on sight.


Damien "Thunder" Gnash

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