Thalassa Kalista

The lightning pirate


Thalassa Kalista
AKA Kalimari AKA Sou’Wester, AKA Sparks AKA Tesla AKA String Bean AKA Eclair
25 years old, 5’8", 150 lbs, blue eyes, brown hair
Str: 1 Dex: 3 Con: 2 Int: 4 Wis: 3 Cha: 2

Thalassa is always up for a new experience, and will tag along with most missions without a second thought. Loving adventure, Thalassa also loves a good story, either from books or from a passerby at a tavern. She can get paranoid if she thinks there is danger around, but can also be quite impulsive. She has seen a lot of things in her seven years at sea, and isn’t easily surprised. She is usually found doing something entertaining in the hall.

As a magus, Thalassa tends to stay in the background in a fight and focus on her spells. She casts long range, weather related magic, usually lightning and wind spells. She can also cause a deafening thunderclap and banks of fog for cover. She excels in using wind magic to launch herself into the air or away from enemies. She wears no armor for close combat, but has a shocking touch in store for anyone close enough. As a last resort, she could whack at someone with her staff. She can cast a minor illusion spell that causes small lights to appear, useful as light or as a distraction. Thalassa also has a talent for lock picking she picked up from pirates, and is quite good at sewing. Despite her poor swimming skills, she has found a spell that will help transform her, giving her gills and webbed feet and hands, but she hasn’t gotten the hang of it yet. She has a pet squid name Mr. Squiggles that is usually kept in a glass globe in her room, or in the pool by the forge. Originally a giant squid that was made smaller with alchemy, that is now her friend and ally. She can collect Aerium from lighting and often uses this skill to make money on the side between missions. Thalassa has a small amount of skill working with the Aerium herself, and makes small inlays for her robes with it. They protect her from lightning if it gets out of control, and make her robes lighter, so she can use her wind magic to feather fall quite easily. The inside of the sleeves of her robe and her belt pouches have padded, sewn in pockets filled stuff. List of the contents of her sleeves: Bandages, at least 3 flasks of different rums, potions, pen and paper, food, money, and lots more. She was also quite skilled at blood magic before an incident with Rhea. Now she unable to use it or be affected by it, but seems to be more sensitive when it comes to ‘hearing’ other magic.

Likes: Mercer, fried eel, wind and storms, sea creatures, rum, fruit, gemstones, reading, also reading totally smutty fanfiction books about knights, hugs,
Dislikes: Swimming, snobby nobles, sunburns


Thalassa was born to a middle class family, in the large port city of Epirus. She discovered her aptitude for magic alongside her love for the sea, and started early at a mage academy to improve her skills. With a bit of training under her belt (though she never finished school, despite what she says), she set out as soon as she was an adult to travel on the ships she had always watched come in and out of port. She took simple jobs that paid enough to live on; cleaning, cooking, and using her magic to repairs sails aboard ships. As she traveled from port to port, she learned as much as she could from local mages before leaving on a new ship. She practiced magic that she found useful for life at sea, such as wind magic to boost the speed of merchant ships, or lightning so she could divert the danger of storms. She gained a reputation as a good mage and eventually put these talents to use as a good mercenary, usually riding with valuable cargo on merchant vessels, speeding their deliveries and defending them from pirate attacks. Her dealings were often with The Blue House of Canard, who owned the most profitable fleets of merchant vessels and their own small Navy. She became one of their more favored hired hands, and was their first pick when handling any important missions. In the year before joining the knights, events occurred that made her a wanted criminal in their eyes and she was forced to work with pirates to get by, seeing the other side of things. Forced to flee the ocean life, she went to Paramour to join the knights with her best friend Moira Ler.

Petros – Father, pearl diver
Lori – Mother, professor at the mage acedemy
Elias – Older brother, talented weather mage
Tess – Younger sister, coral reef seed

Thalassa Kalista

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