Rhea Anake

Fugitive acedemic


A former student of Thalassa’s mother, a summoner interested in the origins of magic in humans. Her first test on a live subject was a disaster thanks to Thalassa interrupting her. It resulted in killing Tess (who was revived later) and scarring Rhea’s face with coral from the Kampia she had tried to rip from the girl. This sent her into hiding from the authorities and the knights, ruining the life she had building towards. She blames Thalassa entirely and took revenge by kidnapping her and ripping the blood magic from her in another ‘experiment’. She has since escaped from the castle dungeon thanks to Magus, and is in hiding once again.

Known summons:

“Ol’ Red” – an enormous red hued gryphon, battle scarred and hateful of humans

Earth elemental

Wisps of various elements


Rhea Anake

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