Raquelle Pava

Bird-Seed Entertainer


23 y/o Lumenari Bird Seed – 5’7

Was a vain young woman when living in Veritas, and while pretty by most standards, she desired still more. This ultimately led her seeking out making a Seed contract with an Aurae in a remote mountain area of Veritas, with her wishing for additional grace and beauty. She hadn’t expected the colorful and elaborate wings she obtained in the process, but upon seeing her newly-refined appearance she became even more enamored with herself. Her family and ‘friends’ back home, not so much. They cast her out, having seen her actions as having sullied her, and after some hard times, found her way to the more welcoming (and ever-improving in reputation) country of Lustra. Lacking many skills due to her youthful self-centeredness, she ultimately found herself employed at the Light Show in Paramour, using what funds she makes to try and better herself with the end goal of doing more than just being an entertainer.


Has become romantically involved with Alecia Evergreen.

Raquelle Pava

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