Name: Laurie
Age: 25
Sex: male
Class: Mage Knight
Primary Element: Lightning
Secondary Element: Fire


Years after the events of Bolt and Laurie. Laurie has become a master mage and has set himself up in a Kingdom called Romantra with Meeka, who has become his familiar. There, he serves the Queen Hisoka as her arcane advisor and bodyguard. As time passed, Laurie and Hisoka became close and Laurie became devoted to her protection and the prosperity of her kingdom. Her happiness was his happiness. That is until one night when Laurie had a prophetic dream where Hisoka was being taken away by an old but incredibly powerful wizard. In his dream, Laurie fought back but was vanquished by the massive hideous beasts under the wizard’s command. The nest day, Laurie all but emptied out the royal library searching for the creatures he had seen in his dreams. He learned very little about them, only that they were discovered on a continent far from Romantra. Laurie soon left Romantra, swearing to his queen that he would return once he was sure the threat he had seen in his dreams was no more. After weeks of travel by land and sea, Laurie came upon the kingdom of Lustra. He spent some time roaming the streets and resting at the inns, learning as much as he could about this new land he had set foot in. He then learned about Princess Heart and her Knights of Heart. Laurie Reasoned that if he became a knight himself, he could help them stop the threat here. Romantra and his Queen would be safe. Laurie joined the Knights of Heart as a Mage, becoming the 154th knight in the order. He also got the nickname “Laurie the Rover”, as he had come to Lustra from another kingdom.

His relationship with Heart and her Knights is a good one. After helping to thwart the latest attempt to kidnap Princess Heart, Laurie has been mostly accepted by the other knights in spite of his being from another kingdom. He has only met Princess Heart a few times, however, her acceptance and general optimism towards him caused her to grow on him a bit. She may not be HIS queen, but he will fight for her none the less. For protecting Princess Heart now means protecting his beloved Hisoka in the future.

Personality: Laurie is kind, quick witted, polite, and outspoken. At least, he is to those he is on good terms with. To everyone else, Laurie can come off as reclusive, sarcastic, and snarky. Laurie has lived as a recluse for most of his life and prefers the company of a few. He is also not one to let power get to his head. For those above him, he is respectful, for his equals, he is civil, and for those not as skilled as him, he is helpful.If you were to invite him to a large party, you would see him somewhere in the back, drinking juice (he doesn’t normally drink alcohol) and just observing. On the other hand, Laurie is always open minded when it comes to meeting new people and is quick to accept them as allies. He loves his queen and will do anything to ensure her safety and the prosperity of her kingdom. In spite of that, he genuinely wants to lend the Knights as much help as he can, though he is prone to acting on a whim without consulting anyone first.

Laurie believes very strongly in certain ideals, which has resulted in some of the knights believing that he has a black and white perspective of the world. He detests slavery and the sentient fur trade with a passion. Mages who use their power to cause deliberate harm will get little mercy from him. He also have very little patience for people in places of power that he thinks are incompetent.


Mercer- Laurie’s first friend in Lustra. Laurie regards Mercer as both an equal and a dear friend. The also have similar abilities, as they are both mages that wield swords.

Skyver- Laurie’s teacher in the way of the sword. Laurie has a lot of respect for her, despite her seeming lack of confidence in herself. He wants to help her to see what he sees in her. Laurie is now also a member of Skyver’s group of spies, a fact that Laurie takes pride in.

Thalassa- A fellow lightning enthusiast.

Drake Adder- Laurie and Drake clash, a lot. However, that’s only because they are so alike in nature. Laurie does have some respect for him and will follow his orders.

Rowan Redblade- The first person Laurie ever revealed his true motives to. He trusts Rowan unconditionally and is always willing to give her his aid when she needs it.

Jesiax Redblade- Laurie and Jesiax have been on good terms since day 1, however, Laurie didn’t really consider Jesiax as a friend until after his return from a solo mission not too long ago.

Nikara- At first, Laurie and Nikara butt heads due to Laurie’s lack of discipline and regard for proper protocol. Despite this, Laurie has a lot of respect for her and is at least trying to get into the habit of following the rules.

Gedda- A rabbit seed who fell in love with Laurie while he was infiltrating the estate of a corrupt noble named Gavora. Thet met again after the Gala, where the two forged a very strong but still platonic bond.


Rhea- Laurie bore witness to Rhea’s experiment on Thalassa, and felt the gaping void left behind when a part of Thalassa’s magic was ripped out. For this, Laurie detests Rhea and would gladly follow Nikara’s order to kill on sight.

Magus- When Magus came to break Rhea out of prison, Laurie took him on alone. Needless to say, Magus barely noticed Laurie efforts and Rhea got away. Magus has a permanent part on Laurie’s shit list.

Gavora- One day, Laurie tagged along on Rowan’s visit to a lady by the name of Gavora. When entering her estate for the first time, Laurie discovered a woman who used her power to harm others, treated her many seed servants as things, and even regarded Skyver as an investment because of her pelt. Laurie took one look at Gavora and her estate and thought “I’m putting a stop to this”. What followed was a complicated and hard fought campaign by both Laurie and Rowan to bring Gavora down. Eventually, it worked, and Gavora was killed by the owner of an arksteel katana that Laurie tricked her into buying. In an act of pure dickishness. Laurie made sure that his smile and goodbuy wave were the last things Gavora saw before her head was cut off.

Mage spells and abilities

Lightning Magic

Taser Bolt: A simple bolt of electricity fired from the tip of Laurie’s finger.

Discharge: Laurie discharges electricity from his body.

Bio Leech: Drains an opponent’s bio-electricity on contact to re-energize himself, this leaves the opponent weakened.

Static field: Surrounds Laurie in a dome of electrical energy that blocks low level spells and deflects melee attacks.

Lightning Bolt: Fires a bolt of powerful lightning from the palm of his hand.

Lightning Cannon: Charges up a ball of electricity before firing a powerful beam of pure electrical energy.

Thunder Cannon: Collapses the energy ball instead of firing it, resulting in a powerful shock wave.

Judgement: Calls down a bolt of natural lightning from the sky. Cloudy weather required.

Metal Clutch: Uses electromagnetism to pull in nearby metal objects to entrap a target.

Magnetic shield: Creates a magnetic field around himself that pushes back metal weapons and projectiles.

Fire Magic

Fireball: Throws an explosive ball of flame.

Fire Wall: Summons a fall of hot fire in front of himself.

Dragon’s Breath: Laurie conjures a fireball and blows on it, creating a stream of fire

Dragon’s Raor: Laurie swallows the fire and lets it build inside of him before releasing it. The fire is more intense and spread out.

Other abilities

Teleport: This magic skill allows Laurie to travel short distances in the blink of an eye. However, it’s energy consumption and need for the user to stand still while teleporting makes it unusable in battle. Laurie can take a maximum of two people with him when he teleports.

Meditate: By sitting down and meditating, Laurie can draw mana from his surroundings and restock his inner reserves of mana after a battle.

Detect Magic: Laurie can probe the immediate area with his mana, allowing him to detect traces of magic.

Apraise Magic Item: A more focused version of Detect Magic wherein Laurie uses the mana probing ability to inspect a magic item and try to figure out what enchantments is has and what it can do.

Mageknight abilities

Will of Steel: This allows Laurie to enchant any sword or dagger he is holding with his own mana. This creates a green energy field arround the blade that protects it from damage and dulling and can even by used to extend the length of the blade. This field also allows Laurie to block and even cut through magic with the enchanted blade.

Elemental Enchantment: A verson of Will of Steel that allows Laurie to enchant a blade with either one of his two elements.

Blade Beam: This is an attack where Laurie charges the blade with even more mana before swinging the blade. This releases a sharp creseant projectile that travels in a straight line and cuts anything it hits. The edge of this attack can be modified to push back, wound, or even slice right through someone.

Passivle abilities

Laurie’s master used him as a guinea pig for her potions, resulting in the following.

Cast-iron Stomach: Grants Laurie resilience to becoming nauseated (Requires a save throw)

Poison resistance: Grants Laurie some resistance to some poisons and alcohol. (Also requires a throw)


Black Scorpion Chest Plate: a piece of a giant scorpion’s carapace made into a chest plate, very light but hard as steel and tough as leather.

Flare Devil Gauntlets: A pair of black runic gauntlets. When active, the runes glow like lave. Currently they can emit heat and augment Laurie’s fire magic. They also protect Laurie’s arms from fire and heat.

Serpent: An enchanted dagger that becomes a wakizashi when invoked. When Will of Steel is used on Serpent. The blade transforms into a blade of pure mana the length of a katana. The blade is solid and sharp like normal metal and can deflect and cut magic.

Seeing Mirror: An enchanted hand mirror that allows the holder to see images of someone, wherever they are or whatever their doing. It only works if the holder knows the name of the person they want to see. However, it’s a very basic enchantment and can be fooled.


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