Ever-so-slightly crazy and unhinged member of ISLE. 19 y/o human, but appears to be quite a bit younger, somewhere between 12-13 years old. Short, about 4’10 or so due to stunted growth. Aquamarine hair, somewhat scraggly looking, bits of it short, others long, has probably rarely seen the touch of a comb. Bangs that can often fall and obscure her eyes. Garb also similarly disheveled, but also frilly/feminine (tears in her leggings/skirt/etc, some poof/frills, kind of a street imitation of some noble-youngling).

Personality-wise, she appears to those who don’t know her as erratic, overly enthused, and bouncing between personas (over-exuberant idolizing kid to refined/intelligent to foul-mouthed/violent). Despite the seeming outward simplicity of her craziness, she’s got a cunning mind, she just expresses it in her bizarre way.

Spent a decent amount of time with someone skilled in drugs; not necessarily exclusively street drugs, but also ones similar to what Rowan uses in espionage, utilizes those in a variety of means (on concealed blades/triggerable things on her clothing/foodstuffs) to aid the bandits with their activities. Beyond that, can be quite silver-tongued if she needs to be (skills in part learned from her time on the street, perhaps linked to a magical inclination for enchantment of sentient beings she’s not even aware of).

From her time on the streets, she’s quite scrappy and agile, making up for her form’s lack of strength with mobility. Generally doesn’t utilize weapons as her primary means of fighting. Has a number of enchanted items she’s acquired in her banditry, most notably one that allows her to effectively negate the weight of those she might capture to bring back to her compatriots.


Parents had died when she was somewhere between 6-8, then she lived on the streets, and is more than a little crazy (both from her time on the streets, as well as some experience with drugs and the like). Ended up joining the bandits of ISLE when Isabelle saw her in an alley and ‘rescued’ her, and she subsequently took to the bandit life quite well.

Still at large, as are the rest of ISLE.


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