Jesiax Eliza Redblade

Just some green-haired wolf Seed with a love of books and an even greater love of Rowan Redblade.


Name: Jesiax Eliza Stevalia Redblade
Nicknames: Jes, Wolfsister, Sparkler, Wolfy/Wolfie, Jezzy
Age: 26 (as of the start of her time in the Knights)

Appearance: Jesiax stands 6’2 in her bare feet (with her heels adding another 2-3 inches to that), so her height, when coupled with her general neutral facial expression and larger form, can present an intimidating visage. While she possesses a natural lithesome movement, her fondness for food is also evident—Jesiax is not a twig of a woman. That said, there is a surprising amount of strength hidden underneath what others might assume is mere fatty tissue, the only part of her belying that appearance being her toned legs. By our world’s standards, her breasts would be a D cup in size. Her long dark green hair hangs to midway down her back, with bangs kept in front and parted to either side. She has a streak of blue hair in remembrance of a fellow Valkyrie (Ancia) who sacrificed herself to save the squad. Next to it, she has a streak of Redblade-hued red hair to symbolize her love and dedication to Rowan Redblade. She has green eyes and typically uses purple eyeshadow and lipstick (certain knights having introduced her to a small level of female vanity). Her garb is typically akin that that of the bards or dancers, albeit in her family’s personal colors of green, purple, and orange, and is worn even when in battle. The reason why is tied to a defining event in her history, but in short, she initially felt increasing levels of discomfort the longer she went without wearing it (aside from when she slept or in select other circumstances), though as she acclimated to her new life, said feelings diminished, though she has chosen to continue wearing the garb since she has grown used to it and the wide range of mobility it affords. Additionally, she is a Seed, and as such has a pair of wolf ears and a tail.

Personality: Under normal circumstances, Jesiax is a very reserved individual and doesn’t go out of her way to talk to people she doesn’t know. In large part, this is due to her long-introverted nature, but also because she is largely skeptical of people in general, believing that most at their core only care about themselves and not others (though the Knights have largely proven to be a welcome exception to this view). As a result of those feelings, she has few compunctions about slaying people should the need arise in course of her duty. That said, Jesiax is generally an excellent judge of character and being a talented liar herself, is quick to tell when others are not being honest. She prides herself on maintaining a logical and rational thought process even when under duress, and will rarely act on impulse so long as she has at least some time to think. She generally keeps her emotions in check, rarely displaying them externally, the notable exception being her temper, which does occasionally flare up (though it is limited to verbal and not physical explosions). None of this is to say she is a super-serious stick in the mud. She enjoys being in the company of others who are having a good time (even if she doesn’t always participate directly), and likes to laugh. Her own sense of humor tends towards the sarcastic or good-natured ribbing, but she appreciates humor in general. Jesiax’s reserved public persona evaporates quickly when in the company of her closest friends, and she can get quite silly or goofy among that sort of company, letting out her hyperactive kid-at-heart. So long as someone doesn’t cross her or have views or opinions that run completely opposite to her own, she is willing to consider friendship with anyone, though given her quiet nature, it is generally the other party that has to engage her in conversation (and unless that individual touches on a topic at which she feels she can respond at length about, the conversation may become stilted and peter out quickly). Jesiax is fiercely loyal to her friends, and should anyone ever cross or harm those who she considers her friends, Jesiax will not hold back in seeking vengeance/retribution.

She despises any sort of stinging insect due to a childhood incident where she stepped on a nest of mud wasps, and so she will generally flinch, duck, and/or look around wildly anytime she hears something buzzing in her ear. Beyond that, she doesn’t really have any tangible fears to speak of, the only ones she might have being of a more existential nature (largely pertaining to her sense of self). When it comes to things that annoy her, one of the biggest used to be when her fellow knights engage in silly shenanigans when on duty, as she felt everything has its proper time (though she is considerably looser now). Other annoyances include hypocritical people, those who hunt animals for sport as opposed to sustenance (with a particular hatred for those who kill wolves), being stuck behind slow moving people in a crowd, hot temperatures, or being interrupted when in the middle of an engaging read.

What does your Knight do in battle? Jesiax generally takes the enemy on directly, most proficient in the use of her naginata ( Kampfluch/Kamprache), but also talented in the use of most other weapons in a pinch. She has some innate magical ability that she can utilize for minor concussive blasts, generally best for deflecting light projectiles or for unsteadying an opponent (with enough focus, she can create more powerful blasts, but if she’s not careful with them they can result in fractured bones). She has tried her hand at more long-range magical attacks with varying success. Beyond that, the gemstones embedded in her blade allow her to utilize magic to enhance her skills in a number of ways, each gem responsible for a different effect, though as with her innate ability, using these does increase her fatigue quicker than otherwise (some more quickly than others):

Orange: Allows her to make the blade of her naginata very hot. Over time, develops the ability to set it alight and utilize some limited short-range fire-based attacks.
Green: Allows her to brace her naginata against an object for a kinetic blast of force (generally used to gain vertical mobility, but can also be used in combat to fling her and (in some cases) an assailant away from one another or even to fracture an opponent’s bones).
Yellow: Allows her to make the blade of her naginata radiate light in a wide range of colors for illumination in the absence of a torch or similar lighting device, whether for wide illumination or a narrowly focused beam.
Blue: Allows her to extract water from an object/the air (she once tried this in battle against an enemy but the effects of doing this against a living flesh-and-blood being had severe side effects on her). Further work with it has allowed her some ability to manipulate water, as well.
Purple: Allows her to communicate with individuals instantly regardless of where they might be, provided said individual has been ‘registered’ in the gem and there aren’t any sources of magical interference about.

In her studies and research done with Valleria and some of the battle-ready mages, she has honed some of these skills to allow for greater impact/utility. Notably, the ability to communicate with other individuals telepathically without necessarily needing the gem in the staff, though this aspect is limited to those she knows best. To do so with more cursory acquaintances, she still needs the use of the gem. Tied to that particular expansion, she can also send along images in real-time of what she is seeing in addition to actual communications, and recent work has also her to share certain sensory inputs such as smell, as well. Her studies with Valleria have also taught her a number of smaller magical tricks. Beyond that, some of the battle-mages have helped her develop other skills, such as setting alight the blade of her naginata allowing for short-range fire attacks or channeling the kinetic blasts from the green gem through the ground for a minor seismic attack. Following recent events with a villain who seized control of her and her naginata, she is aware of further uses the gems could be used for.

What does your Knight do outside of battle? Outside of battle, Jesiax is a voracious reader and also enjoys writing tales of her own. Additionally, she enjoys performing (whether music, acting, or what have you) when the opportunity presents itself despite her usual withdrawn nature (she feels more at ease in front of groups than she does in having one-on-one conversations). In terms of physical activities, she loves to swim and has long considered the water something of a second home.

Special Skills: Initially, she believed her wolf bracelet granted her a couple additional skills, but later came to realize that the bracelet was a trinket that had in part been used to trick her into accepting a contract from a nature spirit. Instead the powers below are a result of her becoming a Seed, having been tricked into it by a nature spirit with a natural affinity towards wolves. One perhaps not as cruel as some other nature spirits, but certainly not entirely honest with Jesiax about what she was getting herself into. In any case, the abilities she gained from becoming a Seed:

  1. The ability to telepathically communicate with any wolves in the nearby vicinity and/or call on them for their aid.
  2. The ability to transform partially or fully into a wolf herself. She can fully transform into a large wolf, but given the pain that comes as result of the bone shifting and fur growth, she does not often choose to do so, as well as fears that doing so may hasten her fate as a Seed and cause her to lose her humanity sooner rather than later. Partial shifts can include her nose, claws, or the like. Regardless of how far she takes the transformation, the fur on the wolf parts is predominantly a light gray, though with dark green highlights that match her natural hair. In the case of her wolf ears, the green is along their edges. On her tail, two lines of it traverse the length just off to either side of the center. When she goes full wolf, the prior aspects apply, and additionally the green runs in strips down the length of her sides, as well as a large heart-shaped patch on her chest. At one point, she was able to shift to a fully human appearance after becoming a Seed, but sometime after Valleria being taken, she no longer has that ability, so her default state keeps the wolf ears and tail.

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Jesiax Eliza Redblade

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